Sakai 2.9: Improved View in Tests & Quizzes

Colored index tabs lined up in a manila folder

Do you administer online tests in Sakai? If you do, you’ll be happy to hear that there is an improved view of Tests & Quizzes in Sakai 2.9! Your assessments will be easier to navigate as there will be a tabbed display between unpublished and published assessments.

Tabbed Display

The Working Copies tab will display your list of Pending Assessments, which are not released to students. The Published Copies tab lists your assessments that have been released to students.


Within your Published Copies tab, you can filter through published assessments that are Active and open to students to take or Inactive and not open to students to take by clicking on the View: Active/Inactive links.

Add to Calendar

Also as a new feature in Sakai 2.9, if you have enabled the Calendar tool in your site and added a due date on your assessment, you can select to display the assessment due date on the course site Calendar as you publish your assessment.


Quick Demo

Here is a quick video showing the new tabbed view in Tests & Quizzes in Sakai 2.9:

We appreciate your patience as we prepare for our upgrade that will require Sakai to be unavailable from July 29 – August 1.

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