Survey Results

Chart of preferred semester to move; see table belowA survey of UNC Blackboard instructors was conducted from March 28 – April 11, 2011. The total number of survey responses recorded was 1,094. The table that follows shows the number of instructors per semester who prefer to:

  • Begin using Sakai to support their teaching during a particular term
  • Learn on their own and/or have a personal consultation

A note about the results:

  1. We estimate that the total number of surveys recorded represents approximately 50% of the number of Blackboard instructors. This is an estimate because many Blackboard courses can have multiple instructor roles that  may include course designers, other instructors, or teaching assistants. That said, if our estimate is in the ball park, 50% is a promising response rate.
  2. Approximately half of faculty surveyed indicated a preference to learn Sakai on their own with available resources. If necessary, they will schedule a one-to-one consultation. Instructors who indicated a preference for a consultation will be contacted by their school support staff or by ITS-Teaching and Learning to schedule it at their convenience.
    Approximately 50% of respondents prefer to learn Sakai on their on.
  3. Our goal is to provide a structured, organized, and systematic migration each term for instructors and students. The survey was intended to solicit instructor responses to see if it would be possible — based solely on instructor preferences — to move approximately one-third during each of the following three terms: FA ’11, SP ’12, and FA ’12. We are encouraged by the initial faculty feedback and thank all for their participation, constructive comments, and willingness to help us during this process.
  4. Results are shown for the College of Arts & Sciences (“A&S”) and for all other Schools combined.

Bb Instructor Preferences Survey Results – April 2011


Start using Sakai Learn on my own Learn on my own + consultation Total
FALL 2011
  • A&S
199 131 330
  • All others
62 73 135
Total 261 204 465 (43%)
  • A&S
95 114 209
  • All others
35 43 78
Total 130 157 287 (26%)
  • A&S
19 23 42
  • All others
7 10 17
Total 26 33 59 (5%)
FALL 2012
  • A&S
108 105 213
  • All others
37 33 70
Total 145 138 283 (26%)
GRAND TOTALS 562 532 1,094