Learning Sakai On Your Own

Learn Sakai on your own

Recommended D.I.Y. (Do It Yourself) path for learning Sakai:

  1. Create your Sakai site (for courses listed with the registrar) or request a project site
  2. Fearlessly explore the site & tools
  3. Tutorials
    See Sakai: 5 Big Ideas tutorial

  4. If needed, migrate content from your Blackboard course to Sakai Resources
  5. Tutorials
    See Migrate from Bb to Sakai tutorial

  6. Add content to and customize your site
  7. Tutorials
    See Set Up Your Course Site tutorial

  8. Have your quizzes moved from Bb to Sakai
  9. Attend a public info session, a workshop or schedule a personal consultation
  10. Keep going until you get stuck (then open a help request) and we’ll help you!