Create Fall 2014 Course Sites & Get Help


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Fall 2014 rosters are now in Sakai! Instructors can get a head start and create their Fall course sites. Summer rosters were also made available last month, so if you have time to spare before finals week, you can create your Summer and Fall course sites now!

Create Course Site

Please note that you must be listed as Primary Instructor, Secondary Instructor, Proxy, or Dean in ConnectCarolina to create your course site:

1. In your My Workspace tab, select Worksite Setup
2. Select New > course site
3. Select the Academic term
4. Check roster of course you want to create

NOTE: This process creates only one course site at a time. Checking multiple rosters will attach all checked rosters on one course site. Accidentally added multiple rosters?

5. Continue through the steps to create your course site

NOTE: You can duplicate old course material in the course site you are creating. At the bottom of the Course Site Tools page is the option to Re-use Material from Other Sites You Own. Select “Yes, from these sites:” and choose the courses from which you want to reuse material. Continue onto the next step to select which tools you want duplicated.


Get Help!

Need help creating your course site or have other Sakai questions? Check out our upcoming Gradebook Workshop and Drop-in-for-Sakai-Help Sessions at the Health Sciences and Undergraduate Libraries. Stop by at your convenience!

apr25-30Drop in for Sakai Help at HSL [Register]
Friday, April 25
1pm – 3pm – drop by at your convenience!
HSL 307

Gradebook Final Checklist Workshop [Register]
Tuesday, April 29
11am – 12pm
UL 034

Drop in for Sakai Help at the UL [Register]
Wednesday, April 30
10am – 12pm – drop by at your convenience!
UL 124

We hope to see you soon! Call 962-HELP if you have any questions.

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