New! Peer Review in Sakai

students in a libraryWe are pleased to introduce a new feature in Sakai this semester–peer review! Peer review enables students to review and critique each others’ writing through the Assignments tool.

Here are ways peer review can help students improve their writing skills, plus more fromĀ  The Teaching Center at Washington University in St. Louis:

  • Increase feedback students receive
  • Communicate constructive feedback
  • Respond to own feedback
  • Transition from writing primarily for the instructor to a broader audience and taking into account responses of anticipated readers

Interested in learning more about peer review? Join us tomorrow at our Peer Review Workshop at the House Undergraduate Library!

Peer Review in Sakai [Register]
Tuesday, Feb 18
10am – 11am
UL 034

Set up Peer Review in Sakai

To set up peer review in your Sakai site, be sure to have the Assignments tool enabled. Within Assignments:

1. Click on Add to create a new Assignment
2. Enter the Assignment Title, required dates, instructions, etc.
NOTE: If sending grades to the Gradebook, create the Gradebook entry first.
3. Change Grade Scale to Points and enter maximum possible points
4. Under Peer Assessment, check Use peer assessment

peer_review_use5. Enter when Evaluation Period Finishes
NOTE: This is when students review each others’ papers. Keep the Due/Accept Until Dates in mind to give students enough time to review papers. The Evaluation Period begins after the Accept Until time passes.
6. By default, evaluations are anonymous for students and students can see reviews of their submissions. Uncheck these items if necessary.
7. Enter Number of submissions students must review
8. Enter any instructions for student reviewers and click Post

Submissions and Grading

Students will post their own submissions and wait for the Assignment Accept Until time to pass–at which time the Review Status will become a link. Students will click on the Review link to view and critique other students’ submissions.

As students send in their submissions, instructors can view submissions and reviews, however instructor grading is disabled until the Evaluation Period ends. Sakai will average student grades based on reviewer grades. Once the Evaluation Period passes, instructors may remove any reviews and override grades.


Instructors must approve final grades. Don’t forget to release grades to students!

Important Reminders

Here are some important reminders for peer review:

  • If reviews are anonymous, remind students not to put identifying information in their submissions and attachments.
  • Evaluation Period begins after the Assignment Accept Until time passes.
  • Sakai does not require students to submit or review Assignments. It is up to the instructor to penalize students.
  • Instructors cannot grade during the Evaluation Period.
  • Sakai will accommodate number of students and reviews (e.g., if an even number of reviews is required but there are an odd number of students, a couple of students may have an extra submission to review).

Let us know if you have any questions by contacting the ITS Help Desk at 962-HELP!

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