Giving Extra Credit in Sakai

photo of studentInstructors may offer extra credit in their courses for various reasons, such as assisting students on improving a low test score or offering further research into course material. Here are different methods you can use to add extra credit in the Sakai Gradebook!

Add Points to Existing Item

The quick and easy way to give bonus points is to add them to an existing Gradebook Item. The nice thing about this method is that Sakai will automatically calculate the extra points into the final grade. Be sure to check that the Gradebook Item is included in course grade calculations.


NOTE: Scores for some Gradebook Items that are linked to different tools must be entered within those tools, such as Tests & Quizzes.

Override Course Grade

This next method involves some manual work from the instructor, however it leaves more flexibility for you to assess how the extra credit will impact final grades. You will need to add a Gradebook Item that is not included in course grade calculations and then override course grades that are affected enough by the extra credit to change the final grade.

  1. Go to Gradebook and select Add Gradebook Item(s)
  2. Enter Title and Gradebook Item Point Value/Relative Weight
  3. Uncheck Include this item in course grade calculations
  4. Click on Add Item(s)


You will keep track of the extra credit throughout the semester by adding points to this Gradebook Item. At the end of the semester, instructors will need to manually override course grades for students whose extra credit changes their final letter grade.

  1. Go to Gradebook and select Course Grades
  2. Compare extra credit to students’ current Course Grades and enter new letter grade in Grade Override column if extra credit changes current Course Grade
  3. Click on Save Changes


If a course grade is overridden, the new grade will be the new letter grade’s minimum percentage, based on the grading scale in Course Grade Options. In the above image for example, Student 2 had a B but the Course Grade was overridden with a B+, so the student now has an 87%.

NOTE: Since Gradebook items must be greater than 0 points, instructors could also add a new Gradebook Item worth 0.01 points that is included in course grade calculations. We do not usually recommend this method as it could potentially penalize students who have not completed the extra credit.

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