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colorful_peopleMost students appreciate critical assessment so they know where they stand and how they can improve. Last week we discussed adding feedback to online tests, and in this post we will explore other ways you can leave feedback in Sakai!

One of the quickest ways of providing feedback in Sakai is through the PostEm tool, which is a spreadsheet viewer that displays information privately to students. If you already maintain grades in a spreadsheet and want to display comments next to the grades, PostEm may just work perfectly for you!


Adding comments in the Gradebook is easy! Simply:

1. Go to Gradebook and select Gradebook Item under Title
2. Click on Edit Comments
3. Enter comments in Comments column
4. Save Changes


NOTE: Comments cannot be entered in the Gradebook for Gradebook Items that are coming from Tests & Quizzes or Assignments that were not originally linked to existing Gradebook items. Comments must be added within those tools.


In her Tools for providing student feedback post on Inside Higher Ed, Andrea Zellner writes that feedback should be “in a manner that allows the student to then revise the product for the better.” What some instructors choose to do is add comments and suggestions directly in a student’s essay for customized feedback. See how to add comments in MS Word.

You can add feedback by uploading Assignments in bulk or one-by-one directly in Sakai:

1. Go to Assignments and select Grade under assignment
2. Select Grade under student’s name
3. Enter Grade, Instructor Summary Comments, and/or Add Attachments
4. Save and (Don’t) Release to Student



If you are using the Forums discussion board, you may want to consider contributing to conversations or grade and add comments through the Grade option:

1. Locate post in Forums and select Grade
2. Select a Gradebook Item from menu
3. Enter Grade and Comments
4. Submit Grade


checklistDon’t forget!

You can also provide feedback in Tests & Quizzes.

If you have any questions, contact the ITS Help Desk at 962-HELP!

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