Sakai 2.9: Drop the Lowest Grade

drop_low_gradeYou’ve all been asking for it…and here it is! Dropping the lowest grade in the Gradebook will now be available to you in Sakai 2.9!

Drop Lowest Grade Setup

  1. Go to Gradebook Setup in Gradebook
  2. Select Categories Only or Categories & Weighting
  3. Check Enable Drop Lowest
  4. In each Category, enter number of lowest grades dropped inĀ Drop Lowest column
  5. Click Save Changes


NOTE: The number of lowest grades dropped must be at least one less than the total number of Gradebook items within the Category. For example, to drop the 2 lowest grades, there must be at least 3 Gradebook items in the Category.

Drop & Keep Highest Grades

Instructors also have the option of dropping or keeping the highest grades within different Categories. Just follow the same steps as above, but be sure to check Drop Highest or Keep Highest and enter the number of highest grades you want dropped/kept.

Here is an example of a student’s grades when enabling Categories with the lowest grade dropped, the highest grade dropped, and the 3 highest grades kept:


NOTE: Dropped grades will be crossed out. i.e, 86

Here is a short video showing how to drop the lowest grade:

It’s hard to believe but we are only one week away from our Sakai 2.9 upgrade! Please remember that Sakai will be unavailable from July 29 – August 1 and plan accordingly.

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