Enhance Student Collaboration with Sakai Groups

Working Together Teamwork Puzzle Concept by lumaxart on Flickr (CC BY)

We accomplish amazing things when combining our efforts to put the puzzle pieces together. Collaboration is instrumental in effective learning, and at Carolina we encourage our students to actively engage and interact with one another. Instructors can promote collaboration within their Sakai sites through Sakai Groups.

With Sakai Groups, students will have the flexibility of communicating, sharing, and evolving on their ideas. Instructors can streamline communication and limit items within tools, such as folders and discussion boards, to specific Groups by selectively releasing information to those Groups.

Create Groups

To create a Group:

1. Go to Site Info
2. Select Manage Groups from the top menu
3. Select Create New Group
4. Enter a Title for the group
5. Assign members by clicking on the student’s name (hold CTRL or Command key to select multiple users) and click on the “>” box to move them into the group
6. Click Add


Group-aware tools

Some of the best ways of promoting student collaboration in your site is by creating private team folders and discussion boards.

Photo of students talkingCreating a folder in Resources that is restricted to a Group allows Group members to upload and view added material, edit documents, and collect related links. See our previous blog post on creating a team collaboration folder in Sakai Resources.

You can also set up a private Group Forum to give students a space to discuss their ideas. See Forum Group Settings.

Here are all the Sakai tools with Group-aware properties:

  • Announcements
  • Assignments
  • Calendar
  • Discussions & Private Messages
  • Forums
  • Gradebook
  • Messages
  • Resources
  • Roster
  • Sign-up
  • Site Statistics
  • Tests & Quizzes

If you would like to explore these options, feel free to sign up for a personal Sakai consultation. We can even come to your office!

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