Enter math formulas with Wiris editor

Instructors can now insert mathematical formulas into Sakai using the WIRIS editor. The WIRIS editor is a visual WYSIWYG (“what you see is what you get”) editor that allows users to insert mathematical formulas into web pages. It runs on any web browser, as well as tablets and mobile devices.

The WIRIS editor performs:

  • Basic operations
  • Logic and set theory
  • Matrix calculus
  • Calculus and series
  • Greek alphabet
  • Units

Math formulas can easily be created with WIRIS in any Sakai tool that has the Rich-Text Editor. If the Rich-Text Editor is not already enabled, click on the “Show/Hide Rich-Text Editor” link, and then click on the “square root” icon to bring up the WIRIS editor.

The WIRIS editor displays a variety of mathematical symbols in thematic tabs that instructors can use to create formulas. All you need to do is select your symbols, fill in the numbers and letters, and accept the equation. WIRIS will then insert an embedded image of the formula you just created into the Rich-Text Editor. It’s that easy!

You and your students no longer need to write out all these symbols by hand with the WIRIS editor, saving you time and allowing for more creative and powerful formulas! A great way to use these formulas is through the Tests & Quizzes tool for online testing in Sakai. Instructors can insert mathematical equations into test questions, as well as request students to enter symbols and formulas into their submitted answers.

If you have any questions about online testing in Sakai, see:

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