Annotating PDFs to provide Students with Feedback

Suzanne Cadwell is an Instructional Technology Consultant at the Center for Faculty Excellence and an ITS Teaching & Learning Liaison. In this video, she discusses how iPads and other tablets can be used to provide students with feedback on their papers and assignments by using applications to annotate PDFs with comments, highlighted text, and even audio feedback. Instructors can then upload the annotated PDFs back into Sakai using WebDAV for students to access. Students do not need any special software to view instructor feedback–all they need is the free Adobe Reader.

Students can use this same method to highlight and take notes on class readings instead of printing out each article.

Thanks for sharing, Suzanne!

To save a Microsoft Word document as a PDF, select File > Save As > change Save as type to “PDF” > Save.

If you are unfamiliar with the WebDAV tool in Sakai, it is a great feature that allows drag-and-drop functionality to quickly organize multiple files on your computer and into Sakai. WebDAV enables you to:

  • Manage files offline
  • Organize files into folders
  • Upload/download files in bulk in a single step (instead of one-by-one)
  • Quickly organize Resources and student Drop Boxes

If you experience problems creating the WebDAV connection between Sakai and your computer, particularly with a Mac computer, we recommend using CyberDuck.

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