Provide prompt feedback & simplify grading with PostEm

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Many UNC instructors use (and prefer) the PostEm tool for displaying grades and feedback to students.  Providing prompt feedback to students is one of Chickering and Gamson’s Seven Principles for Good Practice in Undergraduate Education and can be accomplished easily in Sakai.

What is PostEm?

PostEm is a spreadsheet viewer tool that displays information privately to students. Instructors can use PostEm to display grades or feedback by uploading a specially formatted .csv file.

PostEm may be right for you if you…

  • maintain your grades in a spreadsheet outside of Sakai.
  • want to display H, P, L grades to your students.
  • use a spreadsheet to drop the lowest score.
  • have extra credit built into your grading system.
  • prefer to display your comments next to letter or number grades.
Screen shot of csv file

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How to use PostEm:

1. Enable the tool:  Site Info > Edit Tools > PostEm

2. Create a spreadsheet

  • First column is Onyens/usernames
  • First row is headings

3. Add info > upload

Note that each time you want to display new information or grades, you will upload a new version of the .csv file to PostEm to release to students.

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