5 things students need to know about online testing in Sakai

What students need to know about online testing.This semester more instructors than ever before are using Sakai’s online testing to assess students.¬† Before final exams begin, we wanted to remind students of a few guidelines that will help to make the online testing experience more positive.

1. Confirm you have dedicated Internet access (wired or wireless)

If you are using wireless, check to see if your building or residence hall has dedicated wireless access points. Avoid taking tests at coffee shops or similar as you may find the bandwidth for public wireless access to be inconsistent.

2. Use a computer with the Firefox browser

Use FirefoxTests and quizzes perform best on computers. Avoid using mobile devices. We strongly recommend using Firefox for test taking as problems have been reported with other browsers.

3. Avoid opening new browser windows or tabs

While it’s common behavior to open new windows or tabs when browsing the web, refrain from doing so when taking a test. New tabs or windows will cause serious problems when opened while taking a Sakai test.

4. Use Sakai’s built-in navigation (not browser buttons)

Similarly, there are navigation options built into Sakai tests and quizzes. Use the within-test navigation to move forward, back, save or submit. Avoid using the browser’s forward and back buttons for best results.

5. You will time-out after 60 minutes of inactivity

Frustrated ladyIf you are working on a quiz question and there is no interaction between you and Sakai for an hour or more, you will be logged out of the system. Depending on the quiz settings, you may be prevented from accessing the test or question. Timed tests begin when you start the test and launch the timer. Even if you log out, the timer continues to track remaining time available to complete the test.

If you are taking a test that may require more than one hour to complete, keep an eye on time and save an answer at least once per hour to prevent being logged out.

Remember, you can contact 962-HELP if you have problems before, during or after an online quiz. We know that taking tests is stressful enough without having to worry about the software. With your feedback we will continue to improve the online assessment tools in Sakai.

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