Bb Instructor Preferences: Survey said…

Chart of preferred semester to move; see table belowThe results are in: Approximately 43% of respondents prefer to begin using Sakai for their courses Fall 2011.


What does this mean for you?
Man asking, "Why?"

  1. If you responded to the survey, you will receive a follow-up email from your local IT/academic support staff or from ITS-Teaching and Learning in the next week.
    • You’ll be provided with a few, select Getting Started resources like this: Learning Sakai on Your Own. We will continually update this page as new resources and tools become available.
    • Those who opted to have a consultation will be invited to schedule one.
  2. If you missed the survey but want to start learning more, begin with the link above!

Thank you for taking the time to share your constructive feedback and preferences with us. This helps us all move closer toward the goal:  a structured, organized and systematic migration (see the Timeline). We look forward to working with you!

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