A Look at the Numbers

Below is a chart depicting the growth in the number of course enrollments in Sakai since UNC’s pilot first began in Fall 2008.

We currently have approximately 6,000 course enrollments in 101 course sites with 124 sections.  This is the equivalent of 225 Blackboard courses. All of these sites have been developed by former pilot participants and Sakai Early Adopters. Wow!

Chart depicting growth of enrollments from 400 in FA'08 to nearly 6,000 in SP'11

Do you know someone using Sakai course sites @ UNC?

Impressive & diverse group of early adopters!

  • APPL
  • ARAB
  • BMME
  • COMP
  • ECON
  • EDUC
  • ENVR
  • FREN
  • GEOL
  • GERM
  • INLS
  • JOMC
  • MEDI
  • NUTR
  • OCCT
  • PSYC
  • RADG
  • RADI
  • RPSY
  • SOWO
  • SPAN
  • SPHS

As always, many thanks for your efforts. We hope you will allow us to spotlight your experience and your sites in the near future!

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